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Melo 2 Houston Nirvana Style


12 is definitely a Melo fan and isn’t afraid to show it! Lol. His last ballad was aired on one of Houston’s sports radio stations. The man is talented! Check out his latest. #MeloToHouston #HoustonRockets

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12 is a Melo Fanboy

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My Guilty Pleasure–BravoTV!

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It’s hard these days to flip on the television and not see a new reality television show or spin-off of another popular show.  BravoTV, in my opinion, has set the standard for the rest of the entertainment world to follow when it comes to reality television.  From its cast of characters, to the production, to the advertisement, to the reunions, and everything in-between, Bravo has nailed it!  Even if you say you aren’t the type of person to watch reality television shows (for whatever reason you come up with), somehow you get sucked in.

Now that it’s almost the beginning of Summer, some shows are nearing their end as others just begin.  Two BravoTV shows that I’ve become enveloped in are “Married to Medicine” and “The Real Housewives of Atlanta:  Kandi’s Wedding.”

Married to Medicine features female doctors and doctors’ wives in the Atlanta area.  This show premiered last year and immediately gained my attention, as it was something fresh and new.  We all wanted to peek into the world of doctors.  They are just a little bit different than the normal “Atlanta elite” that we’ve been seeing on other shows.  It just had a different feel than shows full of entertainers, you know?  It got messy fairly quickly, and this season was no different.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kandi’s Wedding is a spin-off of one of Bravo’s most popular housewife franchises.  In this show, we are taken along for the ride as Kandi Burruss plans her nuptials to Todd Tucker.  The very first episode was Sunday night and was preceded by much fanfare.  It delivered all we expected in just over 42 minutes.

I’ve recently caught up on my viewing of both of these dynamic, dramatic shows and have quite a few opinions swirling in my head.  First of all, I believe that the magic formula for these two shows’ success is to put a crazy mother in the mix!  It just makes for good television, no matter how stupid, ignorant, and childish they look.  In Married to Medicine, “Ms. Lucy”, as I like to call her, brings the fakery with a vengeance.  She and her broken dialect, her bumbling attempts at using “big words”, and that ragged wig that looks like Davy Crockett headgear is wearing me O-U-T!  I mean, I am weak behind her antics.  She makes this “stank face” all the time, and constantly berates others in the room.  She instigates conflict, and is obviously the reason why LaKeisha Mariah is a delusional person who lives in the reality created in her own head.  Then again, when you’re the producer of a scripted reality show, I guess you can do that.

married 2 med

Aside from that madness, I have to say I know I can’t be the only person who is sick of the Mariah-Quad feud by now.  I mean, it’s NINE episodes in–why are we STILL talking about that?  I’m like, they didn’t film anything else?  Are there no other story lines?  The bloggers have had their fill of it, the viewers have had their fill of it, the ladies seem to have had their fill of it.  I’m almost to the point where if I have to hear of it again, I will just turn the channel.  It’s overkill!  Also, as a makeup artist, I am beyond spent with these wack makeup jobs.  Most of the ladies look like their faces have been accosted by a bag of Skittles.  I thought it would get better this season, which it did a little, but damn!

As for Kandi’s Wedding, Mama Joyce does not disappoint with her shenanigans.  Honestly, I swear that lady makes me nauseated to no end.  I know this type of stuff makes for top ratings, but she is making herself look like a damned fool.  The things she says, the look in her eyes when she says them…I have to question if she is ever sober.  Like, for real…she must hit the ‘yac before every scene.  Another thing is, you can’t claim to love your daughter soooooo much, but everything you do and say hurts her in a way that no person who loves you should hurt you.  She is so far over the line that the line is a distant memory.  We know that Kandi at least got married, but I can’t wait to see the road it took to get there.  I had the pleasure of viewing the wedding photos online after the event, and Joyce looks like she is sucking on persimmons in every one.  Damned shame that she couldn’t even fake a smile for her daughter’s big day.  Those pictures can’t be undone.

Well, that’s my 3 and a half cents on that.  In the comments below, share some of your thoughts on your favorite scenes or moments from these two shows!

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