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Jockin These Philosophies

Welcome to the world of Crazy/Deranged. These adjectives describe life, in-general, living in America in 2015. Now, if you’re even the least bit conscious of the world you live in, then you know this to be true. We’ve got threats of terrorist attacks on our freedoms as a sovereign nation to worry about.  The economy, […]


2014 in review

This was an amazing year!  I learned so much about myself, including the fact that I’m too busy sometimes.  In the coming year, I will continue to discover things about myself, continue my sacred journey, not take things too seriously, laugh and clown, and generally be happy as you all come along with me for … Continue reading 2014 in review


Devante Swing Served It UP!

Last night, Sunday November 30, 2014, BET aired the annual Soul Train Awards.  Many of us were glued to the television and were blown away by some of the acts of our youth still serving up the sweet sounds we remember.  Although I didn’t personally watch, my social media news feeds kept me abreast of … Continue reading Devante Swing Served It UP!