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Connect to Inner Feminine through Outer Feminine

I was invited to go camping by a Beautiful Friend Wisdom this past weekend….

Real spur of the moment type thing…

She asked me Thursday evening if I wanted to go the next day for the weekend.  Of course I just said yes.  I have never been camping before, didn’t have any type of camping gear, and for some reason even though I KNOW what camping is I still THOUGHT it would be similar to just going to Sedona for the weekend enjoying the outdoors but having access to all of the modern type of lodgings, stores and bathrooms.  So I packed up some pretty dresses and flip flops, a couple bathing suits, all my toiletries, some celery and peanut butter, a blanket, pillow and of course some pretty things to shoot photos in.  I figured if I got hungry I would go to a store and get some more food, use the bathroom at a facility somewhere, and anything else I would need to do or get would be at my convenience.  I will say again, I do innately KNOW what real camping is.  Like anything else in life, just having the Knowledge of something and being able to explain what it is in words is very different than actually experiencing it firsthand.

Her friend who is the camping expert was supposed to meet us out there, but she decided she wasn’t coming till Saturday so we had to decide if we wanted to go on our own the first night or wait for her.  Wisdom has experience camping, however she had no idea where we were going, how populated it would be, how far from a city we were or anything.

Fuck it…Lets go!!!

We left the Phoenix area later than we planned but I figured it was less than two hours away and if we made it there by 8 pm, we would still have some light to set up camp and explore the area a bit.  I figured wrong.  Little did I know that even though the camping area was less than three miles off the main highway that it would take us 40 plus minutes to drive on the rocky, bumpy, off roads that led to the woods.  The sun was pretty much set and the Darkness engulfed us before we could even find a place to park and settle.  There was no modern convenience anywhere.  Cell phone service was gone.  I felt my stress levels rise and even though I wanted to drive faster I knew I had to take it slow over the rocks since my Cara (Car) was so low to the ground.  When it gets Dark outside with no artificial city lights that means it is PITCH BLACK.  There was a camping resort area in the other direction down the way, but out where we were at we saw a couple of cars and that was it, so if there were other people out here there were only a few.  I had to consciously relax myself by getting a hold of my breathing and deliberately focus my thoughts away from all the

“Omigod what if we get stuck out here in the middle of the night…Flat tire, Dead Battery, No cell phone service, Jason, Sleep Away Camp, Lions, Tigers and Bears …..”

All of the worst case scenarios were racing through my head at that moment and I said to Wisdom

“I don’t know about all this, I have to really question my decisions I make in life and I’m not sure this was the best one, I want to go get a hotel and just go home tomorrow”

She was a bit apprehensive as well since she was unfamiliar with the area and by this time its Dark and she is the only one who knows how to set up the tent and she has never set one up at night by herself.

We didn’t know how far down the bumpy rocky road went, her friend just told us to go all the way to end until we found the river.  I really wanted to find a spot to turn around and leave, but something told me to just keep going.

I shifted my thoughts to apply this situation to my life.  Be patient and move slowly through the unknown.  Even though it is Dark, there is nothing to be afraid of.  Be aware of your surroundings.  Look for signs and be open to what directions you receive.

We saw another parked car as we went further down and this time there were a couple of people standing outside so we asked them how far down was the river and where do we need to go to find a place to camp.  He actually told us to turn around and head back the way we came and take the next open turn in to set up camp since the other sites were already taken and there was no need to keep driving down that way.  We followed that advice and found a spot to park and we could see hear drums playing and people singing so we knew there were other people close by.  It was cool to hear the sounds even if we couldn’t see them.  We sat in the car for a few minutes contemplating again if we were really going to do this or turn around and leave.  A part of me really wanted to BOUNCE OUT NOW, but my heart was at peace.  I looked up at the sky and the stars were shining so brightly and there were so many of them.  Such an amazing sight and realization I have never seen the stars this clear because I have never been out in the night in True Darkness.  No headlights on, no type of light, just the Pitch Black Darkness and the Bright Shining Stars.  The contrast was so Awesome.

The Light shines the brightest in the Darkest Setting

At that moment I knew everything would be okay even with some of the fear still there, but it was subsiding.

Fuck it, Lets do this!!

Even with a camp light and her head light it was still to dark to really see much of anything not directly in front of you.  We could hear the river, but we couldn’t see it.  We could hear the drums, we could hear the singing, we could hear every little thing we just couldn’t really see where we were.  She managed to get the tent up and once we got inside we dimmed the lights down, ate the food she brought along with the celery I had.  We laughed about how stressed out and scared we were and all of our thoughts about not coming, waiting, leaving and how we still just ended up doing it in spite of the fears, doubts and not knowing where we were going, where we would end up, or even where we are at.

Getting through that first night was the most challenging part of this experience because the Dawn of a New Day brought into our sight the all around beauty that we happened to land in.  We were very close to the flowing clear river water.  The area was so Beautiful and the energy was so calming, it was like it just called to us and even though we couldn’t see how Beautiful a place we ended up in that was so perfect the night before the daylight revealed it all.  We moved our tent closer to the water and set up our camp area shaded in the trees with just the right amount of sunlight shining through out the day.

The most enlightening part of this experience was how at home I felt in nature.  I have always Loved nature, I Love to shoot in Nature and be out in it, but just how easily I felt I could actually Live in Nature was incredible.  Well at least with some modern amenities.  I had no problem using the bathroom outdoors, however I do like to have toilet paper and wipes.  My first experience taking a dump in the woods and it was just a simple as taking a squat and letting shit go.  Refreshing.  Wipe up or jump in the river.  I practiced my FlowZensual Movement out there and I realize that the workshops and classes I do I want to be in a Natural Setting.  Out doors.

No better way to tap into your Inner Feminine than through the Outer Feminine (Mother Nature)

To move the body and flow with her.  To Breathe and feel the Natural Divinity that is Materialized.  Becoming strong in the Body, sound in the Mind and balanced in the Emotions connected Heart and Soul to Spirit.  To be InHer Natural beauty to tap into your own Inner Beauty and just bare yourself freely.

Four more Women joined us later that day and we spent the rest of the time Connecting, Reflecting, Sharing, Laughing, Singing, Playing, Dancing, Relaxing, Listening to each other and of course taking pictures of each other :)

Here are some of mines taken by Wisdom

IMG_7071 IMG_7073 IMG_7085 IMG_7120 IMG_7121 IMG_7143 IMG_7145 IMG_7149 IMG_7152 IMG_7155 IMG_7173 IMG_7174 IMG_7180 IMG_7181 IMG_7182 IMG_7187 IMG_7193a IMG_7196a IMG_7201 IMG_7208 IMG_7211 IMG_7252 IMG_7254 IMG_7257


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