Street Military 25th Anniversary Concert

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Street Military 25th Anniversary Concert
November 5, 2016
(KB Da Kidnappa, Lil’ Flea, FREE Pharoah, Icey Hott)
~RIP Nutt ~

An anniversary concert for the ages! This group laid the foundation and kept the Gangster Rap true. Always coming with a message through hard-hitting rhymes, they debuted in the early 90’s.

Hosted by the Legendary K-Rino, several artists graced the stage and others in the industry came to show support of 25 years for Street Military: The Fakkulty, Bam, Tall D, Meshah Hawkins (RIP Big Hawk), Mr. Cap, Baldhead,  Khalilah K. Nice, RUMe and many more.

With standing room only (literally shoulder to shoulder) the crowd was thoroughly entertained the ENTIRE time! The crowd starting showing up long before the doors even opened. The group performed before a sold out crowd at EastDown Warehouse located at 850 McKee St in Houston, Texas. Can’t wait to see what they have in store for us for the next 25 (aged don’t have NOTHING on the energy they give). If you didn’t think we did things BIG in Texas, then you should have been there. You missed out if you weren’t….IJS.
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