Birdman and Toni Braxton - FAKE?

We Know Toni Braxton & Birdman’s Relationship Is Fake, Right?

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Okay, so it’s been about two months since Toni Braxton revealed onstage at the Atlanta Fox Theater (the concert in which she was honored with her own day–Toni Braxton Day) that she and Cash Money Records co-founder, Birdman (born Bryan Williams) are indeed an item.  Every media personality everywhere has covered it.  Black Twitter has gone IN on the jokes regarding it, especially during the airing of the BET Awards where the most awkward picture of them together was taken.  Some people find it quite comical, while others clearly take offense that we could even hint that their relationship might be a sham.  Personally, I believe it’s quite obvious that this relationship is fake, but if you don’t see it like I do, then let’s just break down some very clear facts…

There are various rumors circulating that Birdman has paid Toni to be his beard due to constant accusations that he is gay.  Some reports are saying that he paid her up to $3 million for this act.  In my opinion, this doesn’t make sense.  Even though some have hinted that the arrangement may have been made due to her public financial woes in the past, we can clearly see that Toni is not missing any meals.  Her brand is still making money for her.  She is still performing nearly sold-out shows, she has received numerous honors, and I’m sure her stint on Braxton Family Values is enough to pay the bills.  She has also released a few new projects over the past couple of years, so I see absolutely no reason why she would accept $3 million to be a fake girlfriend to anyone.

Speaking of Toni’s brand, look at how just her name has sparked the careers of her sisters since the debut of their reality show.  Each of them are talented in her own right, of course, but if Toni wasn’t attached to the show, it wouldn’t be as successful.  Period.  She is a living legend, and using her name would be to anyone’s advantage.  Even if you already have a pretty successful career, being linked to Toni can’t help but put a little “respeck” on it. **giggles**

Which brings me to the obvious; however, since it may not be so obvious to others, allow me to break it apart for you.  Toni has always been secretive about who she was seeing, for the most part.  Why would she now be so public about who she’s dating?  Furthermore, what really caught my attention is how he is referenced on Braxton Family Values.  Toni kept taking issue with Tamar calling Birdman a rapper. She repeatedly corrects everyone, calling him a “music mogul.”  Hmm…the same month that she brings him onstage with her is the same month that BET starts their promos for the new show, Music Moguls, of which Birdman is a part.  Then, they appear at the BET Awards together, the very network that is going to air Music Moguls.  Toni keeps making it a point to refer to “B”, as she affectionately calls him, as a “music mogul” — not a music executive, not a record producer, but specifically those two words together.  Why haven’t we connected the dots on this already??  Sounds like cross-network promotion for a show to me.

So, I don’t believe that she is with him because of gay rumors, but more so a marketing gimmick for his new show.  It just makes sense.  But hey, don’t take my word for it.  I always say you can tell how a woman feels about a man by looking into her eyes.  These eyes just don’t say to me “I’m so in love”.  I guess only time will tell…I wonder if she will have a cameo on the new show as well.

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