The Real Reason #LionLivesMatter

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cecil-lion-and-dentistBy now, I’m sure you have all heard the various stories of outrage over the dentist you killed Cecil the Lion.  For real?  How do we even know that’s his name?  Anyway, I digress…what I really wanted to discuss is why so many people care.  They are seriously up in arms over this.  Many people have created memes to express their displeasure with the fact that Cecil’s life (and animals, in general) seems more valuable than the numerous Black lives that have been lost over the past year.


First of all, in order to understand why people care so much, you have to understand the mind of the hunter.  The hunter kills animals for varying reasons–for sport, for food, for protection (they felt they were facing imminent danger), and so forth.  Many people are bringing up the point that the people of American (read White people) seem to value the lives of animals more than they value lives of people, namely Black lives.  I mean, Michael Vick was put into prison for only funding a dog fighting ring, not being directly involved; yet, he had to pay the price.


Many people suggest that Black people may have to resort to dressing up as lions in order for people to value their lives.  I know it was all in jest, but here’s why that would never work.  First of all, you’re still a Black person in a costume.  I’ve seen many people say the reason they care is because Cecil is part of an endangered species.  Hmmm, this could also be a factor.  Now, let’s go back to understanding the mind of a hunter, focusing more on the feelings of danger.  If you take a look at all of the these things, the matter is simple, people.  Black people are NOT an endangered species.  We are NOT a minority.  People don’t usually get upset when hunters kill animals that are not endangered (i.e. deer).  This is the reason hunting licenses are granted for this sport. It is usually when you kill an endangered animal (or a beloved household pet) that there is an issue.  I know my thoughts seem to be all over the place, but stay with me.  It’s a matter of population control.  It is a proven fact that Whites are dying at a faster rate than they are reproducing.  The converse is true for Blacks.  Scientists have shown that the Black population will increase steadily over the years, therefore, becoming a majority (which I feel we already are globally, but that’s a story for another day).  There are no tears shed when Black lives are senselessly taken, because they feel they have license to do so.  We aren’t endangered.  We are constantly reproducing.  The population needs to be controlled.  Am I making sense?  Also, there is a justified fear.  How many times have you seen someone mistreat an animal, and even if the animal remains docile for some time, it finally turns on them?  This is what they fear will happen with us.  They feel we will eventually get tired of the mistreatment and will eventually retaliate.  So, they choose to strike first, and in the process, demolishing the person’s character as if they deserved to die.

Anyway, that’s my two cents.  You can take it or leave it, just like the “take a penny, leave a penny” displays in the store.  What do you think?  Comment below!

(Note:  I know this type of outspokenness makes people targets, so this blog will only be up for a few days before it is deleted, FYI!)

~Shon Jay

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