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I try to make it my business to check my emotions at the door.

That doesn’t mean they never make their way to my table and creep up on me while I try to enjoy a drama-free meal, but I ALWAYS make a conscious effort to separate my feels from my thoughts.

This might be the hardest thing I, or any of you ever do in life.  It’s pretty much human-nature to attempt to empathize with whatever is being discussed.

But there is NO place for your emotions when facts are involved.

I’ll give you an example.

too late

Bill Cosby, or Pill Cosby, as he is known in circles I frequent, has admitted that he has drugged women in the past, in an effort to get their booty.  As we know, this is pretty much tantamount to rape, considering the woman weren’t able to consent to the subsequent act of sex.  Not only did he admit this, after decades, but he did so in a deposition in front of an arbiter during a settlement hearing that ended with him paying his accuser.

These are the facts.

However, it would seem that a lot of the world is hung up on their emotional attachment to their memories of Dr. Cliff Huxtable, making it impossible for them to view this case through the eyes of reality.  Instead of taking the accuser at her word and the accused at HIS word, they’d rather speculate about what could have happened.  The sad part is, their speculations amount to nothing more than ridiculous conspiracy theories that rival the absurdity of “Beyonce and the Illuminati turned out the lights at the SuperBowl”.

Textbook example of emotions clouding your thoughts.

This story comes to us at an especially tumultuous time in our nation’s history, where race is an extremely divisive topic kevin hart bill cosbyin our society and whenever race is involved, the emotions (and stupidity) run rampant.

Because Cosby is a successful Black man, the argument that he’s being set up makes a predictable appearance and is disturbingly prevalent.  Without facts to support ANY theory that he was set up by nearly 4 dozen women, there are people within our community that will fight, tooth-and-nail, to convince others that the Picture Pages guy didn’t drop disco biscuits into unsuspecting female companions’ drinks.  That, instead, this is a plot by “the man” to erase The Cos’ legacy.

*cough cough* BULLSHIT!

Sometimes, our heroes are just fucked up people that need to pay for their misdeeds like the rest of us.  Only your emotional attachment to said hero would make you even consider coming to his defense, much like you do when your boy goes to prison for pistol-whipping some guy and you start a “Free So-n-So” campaign, when you KNOW he did it.

You’re only saying that shit cause that’s your homie, not because he truly deserves to be freed.  I mean, he’s a fuckin pistol-whippin criminal….he BELONGS in jail!!!


Ijs, people.  Emotions are dangerous.  They’re the reason you drunk-text your ex, telling her you can’t live without her, even though she was an evil bitch the entire time you 2 were together.  But you love her tho.


At the same time, emotional attachment is also the reason the Confederate Battle Flag had to go.  I’ve heard every argument against its removal, but the very fact that this is even a discussion tells me that emotions are involved.

Let’s take a look at the facts, again.

The Confederate Battle Flag was flown by secessionists during the Civil War that represented a faction of the nation that wanted to continue to own slaves, and they were willing to go to war with the government to protect that right.   As we all know, these traitors to the United States lost their bid to overthrow and/or secede from the Union.

Yet, there are people who view these facts and take one of two reprehensible stances, both steeped in emotion:

1:  Either they choose to hide their obvious racism behind the whole “this is our heritage” argument.


2: They say silly shit like “Removing a flag won’t magically end racism”.

The first stance is easy to debunk.  I mean, look at the facts.  If you think the battle flag of the group of people that thought owning other humans and forcing them to perform back-breaking, dehumanizing labor or face brutality and even death doesn’t represent hatred, then you’re a special brand of crazy, truly driven by your emotions and completely disregarding the facts.

Easy enough.

Selection_800The second stance is eerily apathetic.  The emotional attachment of the group in example 1 is the very reason why the group in example 2 should WANT, née, DEMAND that the flag should come down.  In order to begin to teach tolerance, the symbols of hatred must be removed in an effort to break the emotional bond.

Like I said before, emotions are dangerous….but with a few facts, emotions can be changed to create a productive discussion that can actually forge evolution, save lives, and most importantly, keep disco biscuits out of Bill Cosby’s hands.