EXCLUSIVE Interview with Mr. Cap of the South Park Coalition

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11651260_10207032006307531_845835794_nI am excited to say that I was recently able to get an Exclusive Interview with none other than Mr. Cap!

Mr. Cap, originally from Houston, Texas in the area best known as South Park, got his start with a group called Niggaz Under Siege. Although much of their music had regularly played on Majic 102, they had not been signed to a major record label and due to unforeseen circumstances, they had missed the prime opportunity to do just that. Another Houston group, however, did get discovered; we all know and love this group known as H-Town. The group later disbanded and the members decided to pursue solo careers.

In 1988, Mr. Cap became a member of a community of rappers known as South Park Coalition aka SPC. They weren’t a group per say, but rather a coalition, which simply means that this group of artists came together for a common purpose. Everyone had their own sound, and no sound was duplicated. Each person was his/ her own artist.

His goal as a veteran artist is to work with new artists and to expand projects with older and established artists. He is excited and looking forward to working with people who can bring a sense of togetherness. And I quote, “Truth is, what Houston needs is for each movement to come together as a singular movement.” He believes there could be more unity and support within the Houston rap community.

There is a rich musical history in Mr.CAP’s family, from the late Johnny “Guitar” Watson, The Greer Brothers and O.N.E. a/k/a Black One. With both of his parents having a deep musical background, he has shown that he is firmly rooted in music.

He recently had a visit to Los Angeles where he put in work at the studio working on his newest album, which I am sure will be HOT! He boasts a unique sound. Although he is from Houston, he isn’t limited to sounding like every other rapper here. Many have referenced that he sounds much like Bun B. He does not want to be limited in his music; he is INTERNATIONAL, as his song ‘CAP International’ conveys.

Cap’s honest opinion is that there is BS on Houston Rap scene. “Let’s get real- real quick.” When he looked in XL magazine and saw there had been an interview with Z-Ro and the magazine quoted him as saying that “There is no unity in the Houston rap scene; there’s no support for rap artists.” Mr. Cap for one says that he is one of the ones not supporting other rappers in the Houston community.

We do know that from very recent events people are paying attention to Mr. Cap and is wanting to take full advantage of the name. Wiz Khalifah (mainstream artist), for example, is using ‘MrCap’ as his username on Twitter. Another company, which had absolutely no reference to pull from, used ‘CAP’ as their discount code. What’s next? All we know is that Mr. Cap, the one from Houston, will remain internationally known because that is his goal and he is working hard on keeping it that way!

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