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Welcome to the world of


These adjectives describe life, in-general, living in America in 2015.

Now, if you’re even the least bit conscious of the world you live in, then you know this to be true.

We’ve got threats of terrorist attacks on our freedoms as a sovereign nation to worry about.  The economy, while doing better than it was in 2008, is still pretty abysmal.  Racism is at an all-time high for the modern era or it’s non-existent, depending on who you ask.  Education is the worst it’s been since kids were leaving school in the 5th grade to take an entry-level position on the family’s farm.  Adults and kids alike are just stupid by the droves.  And I don’t mean that in a general, just-to-be-ugly kind of way.  No, thanks to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, the spelling and sometimes mathematical woes of our society are pushed to the forefront of our psyche, courtesy of the screenshot.  Artistry has taken a clear backseat to the bottom-line, as more and more artists choose to dumb their skills down in an effort to move units or to sell tickets to events.  Politics…well, politics has ALWAYS sucked!  But, let’s be real, the current crop of do-nothings is REALLY doing nothing.

It’s a crazy time, run by deranged people.

*Don’t worry, I didn’t drag you all the way down to leave you here*

But that’s where I come in.

Like most people when they reach a milestone age, whatever that age is to them, I turned 30, nearly 9 years ago, and I have been reflecting on my life and my legacy, as a person.

I came to the conclusion THEN, that the life I was leading wasn’t doing any part of this world any REAL good.  I mean, I’m always good for a laugh to break the monotony, or chock-full of random tidbits of knowledge about any and everything, which kinda made me invaluable to the circles I ran in.  I’m a PC Tech, so people always called me to fix their systems, making me necessary to day-to-day life, but what sort of lasting, indelible impression am I leaving on the planet?  What do I bring to the table, so to speak?

So, years have passed since my Dirty 30th bday, and in that time, I’ve discovered my purpose:

Be that silver lining!  Or at least point people to it.

So, I’ve lived my life (or at least earnestly tried to) by this mantra since my series of epiphanies that came in the form of memes, of all things.

The way I see it, laughter is not only the best medicine, but it’s also the most effective form of preventive anti-depressant that exists.  So, yeah, part of my unique gift to the world is laughter.  You can learn a LOT about yourself if you first allow yourself to laugh at your issues.  Think Chappelle’s Show.

If you have the privilege to be my Facebook friend or follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you’ve already seen my philosophy in action, first-hand.

My posts, while on the surface, seem harsh, are really heartfelt and full of advice, but most importantly, they make you laugh.  Sometimes, I may play dumb JUST to prove a point (and to nail a punchline), ALL in an effort to help some nameless, faceless person going thru whatever I’m talking about.

I NEVER claimed to be perfect or to have all the answers or to even be right.  My goal is simply to make you think, to open your mind to points-of-view that you would have never even considered before.

The other, and quite possibly the most important part of my gift to mankind is just being there.  I’ve gone thru many ups-and-downs in my life, some circumstance, others self-inflicted, and the two things I remember about my struggles, is not the struggle itself, or even the heartache that ensued, or the tedious climb out of the shit back to prominence.  No.  One was the love and support of the people who physically stood by me and gave me spiritually, psychologically, and emotionally what I needed to push thru to the other side….and the other was the people that did not.

The pain of the latter caused severe strains on relationships I had with people I was previously close to, or had assumed we were better than that.  It’s been the cause of friction between myself and family members, even.

One day, I saw the light, in the form of a meme.  Not a meme in the jokey sense.  Nothing attributing Drake lyrics to Abraham Lincoln or anything.  Just a simple meme from one of those positivity pages on FB.

It said: “Be the change you wish to see”

Quite a simple, but powerful message.

So, these days, I make myself available to the people I call friends.  I’m not the most sociable person, but I’m always available to talk (or to listen).

I’ve learned, also, via another meme and proven by the events in my life, over the last few months, that if you put good out into the universe, it WILL come back to you.  Now, this shouldn’t be your reason for doing good, but it’s a damn good incentive.

So, while we chew each others’ heads off about what political party is the most inept and corrupt (spoiler alert: it’s ALL of them) or whether or not Caitlyn Jenner should be referred to as  “him” or “her”, why don’t we try to adopt these ideologies.  Being right isn’t as important as being human.

And remember to always Be You….Everyone Else is Already Taken