(VIDEO) Dimitri Reeves Tells B-More cops to “Beat It” !!!

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Pray for Baltimore ? No …. pray for the world !!!

Media is controlled by the same structure that we all question. The same “Powers That Be” are patrolling the internet and all media outlets that ultimately end up there.

I can assure you that I understand to the fullest the feelings that come from being  betrayed but this should not be a springboard for ignorance.

Think about that while you are out there filming and uploading yourself and your brother or sister doing some ignorant shit “just cuz” !!!

With that being said, here’s a video of the young homie, Dimitri Reeves out in Baltimore doing his Micheal Jackson thang amid the ignorance !!!


This guy waited his entire life for this moment

Posted by NoWayGirl.com on Monday, April 27, 2015


S/o Vaughan Mason and Crew