#CrimingWhileWhite Hashtag Highlights Racial Inequalities

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The situation in Ferguson has brought race, once again, to the forefront of the national conversation.  Not since Eric Garner and before that, Trayvon Martin or Jordan Davis has the internet been abuzz with racially-charged hashtag activism.

This kind of #hashtivism is typically so bitingly clever that you usually don’t notice that the blogger that grouped their favorite tweets into a nice, succinct,  easily-readable story has actually polarized the authors of the tweets, with monikers like #BlackTwitter.

Well, this time it’s, um, #WhiteTwitter tossing around the clever 140-character zingers.

The hashtag #CrimingWhileWhite highlights the stark contrast in the way the police handle unruly white people versus unruly black people, with the overall notion being regardless of what these good white people did, they weren’t shot to death.

Pretty fuckin awesome….although I’m sure some were just trolling us…

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