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One of my favorite spots in Houston is “The Beer Station” located at 806 Richmond Ave.

This place carries a large variety of craft beer and is basically a “craftbeer heaven”. The beer selection consists of a couple hundred brands including Texas breweries like Jester King, Southern Star, Karbach and Ranger Creek ,as well as, international brews including specialty and seasonal beers.


The atmosphere is inviting and the owner/staff are very helpful and have a vast knowledge of brews. What I love about this place the most is – the beer. It’s a grand selection that’s constantly changing, and it features the best that’s available in this part of Texas.


Centrally located just east of Montrose on Richmond, The Beer Station is definitely the place to go if you are looking for large selection of beers to choose from.

Hats off to Brandon and his family for providing such a nice place !!!

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I consider this to be one of Houston’s best kept secrets for beer lovers.  You won’t find a more extensive beer selection anywhere in Houston, I can almost guarantee you.

Brandon is a great guy and has a vast knowledge about beer.  He can give you great suggestions or point you to some of his most recent finds if you strike up a conversation.  Whether I’m looking for a rare imported beer from France or the latest St. Arnold’s brew, this is the place I go.

Check it out, and don’t be put off by how small  it looks from the outside.  The shelves are crammed full of delicious beer goodness.



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This place has an extensive selection of beers and other liquors from across the world – it’s great. You can also buy 6 different beers of your choice and take them home in a six pack. Beers from Thailand, Japan, El Salvador, Mexico, Germany and most limited edition of local beers such as Oktoberfest and Cheer Shiner. My friend bought a beer that had a chili pepper inside, it was super spicy to our surprise! Great repertoire, check it out!


D&Q is the best place to buy beer in Houston… better than Specs!
The massive selection here makes D&Q highly recommended for the aspiring beer-snob. Let Brandon be your guide to the overwhelming variety on display, and you’ll go home with something to suit your taste.