#TBTSalute – Slim Thug

In #TBT Salute, In H-Town by Deezy


Guess what day it iiiiiiiiis??!!!???!

Nope, not humpday. (and we’ve got the camel tied up in a Brooklyn basement, anyway, so that joke is dead)

Today is Friday-eve, so that makes it Throwback Thursday, so we here at JusFlippin (well, me, anyway) decided to dedicate each week to showing some #TBT love to some of our favorites.

This week, the honorable, “Boss of da Nawf”, Slim Thug, or as King Keraun calls him, that “ole Tyson Chandler-lookin mahfucka”

Let’s #TBTSALUTE the dude that makes independent hip-hop look easy and reps H-town every chance he gets.