Floyd Mayweather Can’t Read *PROOF*

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Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 10.44.00 AMSo, lost in this pretentious Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness for ALS is a good old fashioned beef between everyone’s favorite rich assholes, rapper 50 Cent and boxer, Floyd Mayweather.

See, Floyd said something about T.I. and Nelly being irrelevant, and lumped 50 in the diss, so 50 responded during HIS Ice Bucket Challenge video, by issuing the boxer a “literacy challenge” of sorts.

50’s challenge was that if Floyd could read ONE page out of a Harry Potter book, then he’d donate $750K to the charity of Floyd’s choosing.

Funny, right?

Not as funny as what The Breakfast Club played on air this morning. Check out their proof that Floyd can’t read..