Falling Off and Catching Up

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I realized that I hadn’t blogged in a minute, but it was definitely not because I hadn’t been inspired.  Most of it had to do with readjusting to life.  Over the past month, I’ve relocated with my family to a new city, created a new budget, lived without cable and internet (LOL), potty trained a toddler, split atoms, invented a new renewable energy source, among other things.  Okay, maybe not all of those things, but you get the idea.  Now that everything is back to normal, I’ve been playing catch up a little bit.

My first stop, was perusing my absolute favorite blogger’s site http://www.straightfromthea.com! I love Michelle and her online antics.  She’s my blogspiration.  I love that I can catch all the latest celebrity gossip, catch up on reality shows, peep the silliest of internet trends, and more.  And unlike many bloggers, she actually writes like a person who has a firm grip on the English language, which is something a brilliant mind can appreciate.

After reading a few blogs, I can say that I have a new found love for Tip (AKA T.I.).  Although his grammar is horrible, his sharp wit is ingenious!  I almost passed him the requested 2 sugars for his tea when I realized he can’t get them through the computer. Hee hee.  I’m also loving Mrs. NeNe Leakes again.  I was initially a fan, but over time my appreciation for her dwindled a bit as she seemed to float into the ethers due to her haughtiness.  However, her return to Earth in the last season of RHOA and her recent dig at Wendy Williams, had me snapping my fingers and giving her a resounding “Yaaaaassssssssss!”

Anywho, I’m making a return to my love of writing, so be on the lookout for new blogs as well as my venture into publishing e-books.  I’m currently compiling some information as well as working on a collection of erotic short stories.  See ya in the (internet) streets!  Peace.

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