Ultimate F-A-I-L!!

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I frequently see stories in my Facebook news feed of funny and/or interesting homework assignments from children.  You may recall the “When I Grow Up” drawing that circulated the internet for a while where the child depicted her mother as a stripperi want to be like mommy.





Then, there was the one with the word problem about candy bars (I couldn’t find the actual worksheet, but this was the question and answer by the student).

diabetes word problem






There’s also this ridiculous “Common Core” bullshit that’s going around that teaches children to take 45 minutes to do a 2-second subtraction problem.







What I saw today totally takes the cake, though.  In this 8th grade English assignment, it appears the students were asked their goals and several follow up questions in which they were to write, using correct grammar, their responses.  This little knucklehead failed ultimately, and I know his parents have to be the blame.  Aside from his poor penmanship,  making this assignment look like a 3rd grader wrote it instead of an 8th grader, these answers are completely appalling.  What has the world come to where our little boys want to grow up to be “real ni99az” and our little girls have aspirations of being groupies (see that post here!)??  We have got to do better, people.  I’m not sure if this is real or fabricated, but either way, it’s sad as hell.









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