Yep, That’s A Thot For Ya!

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So, word on the curb is that the now infamous Tina (or whatever the hell her name is) is now trying to sue rapper 2 Chainz for blasting her publicly by posting the #IsThisYoThot video.  If you haven’t heard or are clueless to what video I’m speaking of, you can view it below.  Apparently, Miss Thang sneaked backstage in hopes of being the next baby mama of a rapper, but instead got clowned on video for all the world to see.  Now, for those who don’t know the latest lingo, a thot is another word for group, hoe, future jumpoff or what have you.  The word is actually an acronym for “that hoe over there”.

Anyway, she’s now upset, claiming the video has ruined her life.  In my opinion, lil mama is just trying to get her coins another way now that her baby mama aspirations have been thwarted.  She couldn’t have been too embarrassed.  At 2:11, she asks if she looks good, then actually poses (after being warned that it will go viral) and willingly gives her Instagram account.  If I had to give out the “Girl Go Sit Down Award”, it would definitely go to her.  As a matter of fact, have SEVERAL seats, thot-licious!  I hope 2 Chainz doesn’t punk out and decides to settle with her.  I’m hoping they actually take this frivolous lawsuit to court and allow the judge to see this tomfoolery in which she willfully participated.

For now, this has to go in my Hall of Fame for funniest videos, and the phrase/question “Is this yo thot?” is probably going to be heard many times by everyone everywhere for at least the next few weeks.  This goes to warn you little future groupies out there.  Don’t sneak backstage, you just may get clowned!

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