Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” Co-Star Releases Tribute Song and Video

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Remember Ola Ray?  The Jheri curled cutie/former Playboy playmate from Michael Jackson’s iconic Thriller video?

Well, she’s back..again.  This time with no lawsuit in tow.

No, this time she’s popped up the week of the 4th anniversary of the legendary pop singer’s death, with a tribute song and video.

And let me tell you, it is DRIPPING with struggle sauce.

Besides her awful singing, the video is all over the place as it goes from a church to a soundstage  cemetery, complete with line dancing zombies.

Now, I’m not sure if this was a direct tribute to her work on the Thriller video, but I’m sure MJ’s not applauding her from the grave.

But hey, I could just be hatin’

You be the judge.

What do ya’ll think of Ola Ray’s video, called Remember.

Spotted on The UrbanDaily