{BLOG} #PimpTalk by Oran “Juice” Jones ~ Doubt

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{BLOG} #PimpTalk by Oran “Juice” Jones ~ Doubt



The trials and tribulations we experience are due mainly to the fact that we embrace doubt as opposed to faith most of the time.  Doubt, as in being unsure.  From  this point of view its logical to assest that if one were to “do away” with “doubt” then one would also in that instant “do away” with any “negative attitudes” associated with that doubt.  Is this a good thing?  To do away with doubt?  Perhaps not; perhaps the presence of doubt causes one to question, to challenge and to hopefully.change.  And although it could be considered an anstract way of thinking, would it be far fetched to suggest that it was a negative attitude that sparked any revolution?  Somebody had a doubt that the natural order of things of the time worked toward the favor of a specific group. They questioned it, challenged it and attempted to change it.  The presiding order wasnt having it.  Somebody got pissed off (negative attitude) and the shit was on and poppin.  Sound familiar?  Although, I’m  sure it will be argued that there are times doubt, fear, procrastination and a host of “negative attitudes” are quite necessary.  When?  I’m not sure, nor could I be … as each of us must deal with our own trials and tribulations as they occur and must employ that which we possess (negative or not) to suit the situation of the moment. In closing… I would leave you with this ISM.

“There is good in the worst of us therefore it behooves any of us to judge the rest of us.” ~ ISM

Oran Juice Jones