NEWS: Trae the Truth Talks Closing Youth Shelter

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Recent Grand Hustle signee and H-town’s own, Trae the Truth sat down with to discuss the shelter for abused and neglected youth that he is involved in and why he might have to close it for a few months.

I got a children’s shelter…..I’m housing abused kids, a lot of CPS kids. I’m going, actually, back and forth with the people who got the spot…I guess they kind of don’t really understand the importance of it. So, I’m thinking about possibly shutting it down for one or two months and relocating. I don’t want to have kids there and it’s uncomfortable when you’ve got people not understanding what they’re really going through and making stuff a hassle.

In addition to talking about the shelter, which he promises to be bigger and better when it reopens, Trae also discussed his recent deal with T.I., pointing out that it’s not about money.

First and foremost, people gotta understand within the industry, a lot of these niggas are my true partners. Like, fuck the music. For instance, me and Lupe [Fiasco], we brothers. When we get together, we ain’t give no fuck about music,” he explained. “Me and Tip go way, way back…When he came home, we didn’t get in touch with each other for awhile but when we did, it’s like we hit it right back off. He a real good nigga. When I say that, I say it from the bottom of my heart.