BLOG: 2Pac and Biggie are Old School DEAL WITH IT!

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And that probably makes you old, by default.

Okay, first off, let me say I just celebrated my 35th birthday a couple of weeks ago, so my perspective on this topic is valid.

I mean, I was there during the Pac and B.I.G. days.

I remember what those songs meant to a generation.  I saw firsthand the way 2pac’s message driven music made us take notice of our world and made our world take notice of us.  I was around when  B.I.G. made it cool to be a “heartthrob NEVER, black and ugly as ever”

I stood outside Soundwaves with my homie, L-Moe, until midnight to get Pac’s albums and I always copped the new Biggie.  I even had the Mister Cee mixtape of B.I.G.’s greatest underground hits around 95-96 before anyone in my hood did.

Man, I was/am a fan!

BUT these dudes died 15 years ago and their new music died with them.  Making real music by either of them OLD SCHOOL. (not counting posthumous releases, cuz who does?)

Yeah, I said it.  OLD SCHOOL!

Face it, your favorite music to party to when you were in high school back in the late 90’s, is old school in 2012.  Hell, it was old school in 2005.   Doesn’t mean we love it any less.

Think about it.  Remember when you were young and your folks played The Isleys or some Parliament and you would call it ‘Old people music’ and they would get angry and say something to the effect of ‘Chile, this is REAL music’ or ‘They don’t make music like this anymore’

Sound familiar?

Of course it does, because chances are you just said that on the way to work this morning when Big Sean’s Ass or Nicki Minaj’s Stupid Hoe came on the radio.

Yeah, and at the rate hip-hop songs are released, that window between ‘Hot, New Shit’ and ‘Old School’ is getting smaller and smaller.  Songs dropped on Sunday are played out by Friday.

Maybe THAT’S the reason why people are watching The Throne.  Jay-Z is proving that hip-hop can achieve longevity in a game that’s always after the youngest, freshest talent.

But Pac and B.I.G. ARE old school.