TECH: Charge Your Cell Phone With Pee

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So, you say your smartphone battery lasts about as long as a Mike Tyson fight used to?  Well, starting in the spring, you will be able to buy a charger for your phone that runs on any type of liquid, including your (or someone else’s) urine.

A New York company is ready to sell a new portable hydrogen fuel cell charger that can put the juice back in your cell phone, iPod or GPS device just by adding a little water.And if there’s no water available, it works with urine.After all, SiGNa Chemistry says its PowerTrekk Fuel Cell Charger is “designed for people on the go.”The charger, which the company demonstrated here at CES, is a pocket-sized hydrogen fuel cell device that generates power from the chemical reaction of mixing sodium silicide and water.

Each charger is expected to run you up to $220 a piece and you will have to buy cartridges that would be the equivalent of 6 AA batteries, with enough power to recharge your phone twice.

The charger is expected to cost in the $199-$220 range, to be determined by REI, Grimes said.You also have to buy little round 1.05-ounce cartridges, called PowerPukks, that contain the powdered sodium silicide. Those should go for about $12 for a pack of three PowerPukks, which were developed by myFC AB of Sweden.One cartridge contains the equivalent of six AA-batteries, enough to fully recharge a cell phone twice. (chron)