TECH: Facebook Unveils ‘Timeline’

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Facebook is all up in yo bidness, now!

Introducing Timeline, the social networking giant’s largest overhaul to date.  It is a brand new way to Facebook, but for some (including me) it’s not that new, in fact, if you followed the instructions back in September, you have already been privvy to the new layout for some time.

Timeline is a new way to display your activity and your friends’ activity on the site.  It automatically lists everything you’ve done since you first logged on until just now.  Everything from your statuses, posts from other sites, photos, videos, etc, is listed in the order that they happened.

And it looks completely different too.  There’s a space for a 399 pixel picture above your timeline, they call it a cover photo!  It gives your page a personalized look from first load.

Complete with other back end features like Open Graph, which allows for certain aspects of the site to be automatically updated with information from other sites, such as the way Spotify automatically tells your friends’ list what you’re listening to.  Now, on the Timeline there is a ‘Music’  tab that constantly displays what you’re currently playing in apps like Spotify, or I Heart Radio

One of the new layouts creepiest features, though is the integration of their check-in function with the new map on the top of the page.  This feature displays all of your locations (any place you statused from) on a graphical map.

With a host of other new features and functions, the Timeline  is a love/hate sort of thing….You don’t have to switch now, but soon, there will be a mandatory order in place for everyone to make the change…

Give it a spin…..