TECH: Security Flaw Briefly Makes Facebook Founder’s (and yours!) Private Photos, Public

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A bug in Facebook’s code briefly gave users access to other users’ Facebook photos — including those of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg — without permission Tuesday.

The bug appeared in a new feature the social networking site was rolling out.  The feature allowed for users to be able to flag multiple inappropriate photos to report simultaneously.

 If you reported a photo for reasons of “nudity or pornography,” you were given the option to “take action by selecting additional photos to include with your report”. You were then shown additional recent photos from the same profile to flag if inappropriate. Unfortunately, photos were shown regardless of their owners’ photo privacy settings. (Mashable)

The flaw allowed for everyone’s photos to be accessed via this method, including the private photos of Mark Zuckerberg.  The feature has since been removed , but not before the Zuck’s photos were made into a cautionary photoblog….

Yes, those are Zuckerberg’s pictures, many of them have been marked private and are not normally visible on his profile.