{BLOG} Pit Dog Knuckles – Hip-Hop relapse !!!

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Man , let me tell ya’ll sum’n … I ain’t playin with ya’ll when I say that I had no other choice but to bust one of my old skool moves in Killeen, Tx.

First, off  I was already wired up because I was on the road with two Legends of the game …  Oran “Juice” Jones and Kurtis Blow … so you know the adrenaline was flowing thru my veins. To top it off I had my long time homie Tony Mac of the Coughee Brothaz with me so I’m even that much more crunk.

Now, we had already done a dope show the night before so we were asked to come back for a second appearance and thats when it happened. Juice and Kurtis decided to shorten the show so it end up becoming an all out improvised effort. Needless to say the crowd loved it !!! They loved it so much that the show kept going and going.

I’m on stage with Juice MC’n for Kurtis taking me back to when I was a teenager b-boying thru the streets of  HTown and then it happened !!! Kurtis Blow got to doing a few dance moves and the asked for the “breakers”… I was gone chill till the security guard did a dope ass uprock and I got to thinking “oh yeah I gotta do it ” … so what do I do next? Check it out !!!

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