Rodney King Busted For DUI…

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So it seems Rodney King wants to be known as the idiot that can’t get high and drive without attracting the attention of the police….

He was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence yesterday (July 12th), in Southern California.

Police stopped King in Moreno Valley, after he allegedly committed multiple driving infractions in his 1993 Mitsubishi.

During the traffic stop, police became suspicious of his behavior.

He was taken to the Riverside Sheriff’s office, where he was charged with DUI, although it is not known what substance he was using at press time.

Rodney King is best known for being repeatedly bludgeoned by the LAPD in a video shot by an amateur.  The subsequent acquittal of those officers involved led to the biggest riots in U.S. history.

Didn’t he get awarded $3.8 million in that civil suit against the LAPD??? Why is he still driving a ’93 Mitsubishi???