Tristan Wilds from ‘The Wire’ is Preparing New Mixtape

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from Actor Tristan Wilds, known to most as Michael Lee from HBO’s popular series, “The Wire” is tapping into his arsenal to present his fans with yet another one of his talents…music.

Tristan recently sat down with to discuss his pursuit of music, genre, mixtape, passions, and touring.

Tristan has two R&B singles circulating on YouTube, “Fall 4 Her” and “Runaround” in addition to a clip where he kicks a freestyle with his brother.

When asked about the genre of music we can expect, Tristan indicated it will be a mashup between rap, singing and maybe even some poetry.

“I guess it will be hybrid [rapping and singing],” Tristan Wilds told “It’s just another creative outlet for me, so I think whatever comes out and whatever I feel sounds good, whether it’s singing, or whether it’s rapping [that’s what you will see]. Even if it’s poetry that comes out, it’s just something that will fill your soul up. I’m trying to make some good soul music.”

Although the details of the upcoming mixtape are still in the works, Tristan assures his fans this will be a glance into his inner thoughts.

“I’m still just trying to iron out everything name-wise, but I promise it’s gonna be a first look or first listen and I just want to get everybody’s opinion on how my mind works,” Tristan Wilds said. “It’s a good look into how my mind works.”

Similar to actor/musician/comedian Jamie Foxx whose multi-talented undertone was strategically aligned so that his passions could coexist, Tristan began his career as an actor, and decided to incorporate his other love…music.

“I think at first my first love was always music. So I kind of fell into acting because my older brother was doing it and it was something that I liked to do, but eventually I started to build an amazing love for it. So I can’t choose between either one now, I just fell into acting first.”

When asked if he would consider touring if his music career propelled him to that level, Tristan answered “Yes, I would love to.”

Tristan’s mixtape will drop summer 2011.