Woman Cuts Off Attacker’s Genitals

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A woman from Bangladesh was not the one to play the victim.  The 40-year old, mother of 3 cut off the penis of an alleged attempted rapist and took it to the local police station as evidence.

He attacked her as she slept, according to AFP.

“As he tried to rape her, the lady cut his penis off with a knife. She then wrapped up the penis in a piece of polythene and brought it to the Jhalakathi police station as evidence of the crime,” police chief Abul Khaer said.

The woman has filed an official complaint against the man,accusing him of rape and stating he had been harassing her for six months.

Meanwhile, she is undergoing treatment, while the severed penis is kept at the police station during the investigation.  The authorities, while humane, plan to eventually pursue his arrest.

“We shall arrest him once his condition gets better,” Khaer told AFP.

Ouch.  No DOES mean NO!

Lorena Bobbit, much?

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