Man Charged as ‘John Doe’ After Being Arrested With 12 Fake IDs

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State police in Pennsylvania arrested an unidentified man with 12 fake identification cards after he ran from them at Lehigh Valley International Airport.

According to court records,

State police approached the man and asked if he would talk to them and the man agreed. He identified himself with a

Texas driver’s license and said his name was John C. Jackson, 27, of Corpus Christi.

State police wrote down the man’s information and then asked him to repeat his date of birth and he gave a wrong one before correcting himself. After a few more questions, the man fled through the airport terminal and into the airport parking lot.

While running, the man tossed a small black wallet into some shrubs. The man was arrested and state police found the wallet, which contained 12 counterfeit driver’s licenses, fromPennsylvania, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Ohio and Rhode Island.

State police have been unable to identify the man.

The man was charged as John Doe with 12 counts each of forgery and tampering with public records or information. He was arraigned before District Judge Ron Manescu and sent to Lehigh County Prison under $250,000 bail.

from The Morning Call