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Mr. Ghetto – Walmart {WATCH}

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What I find hilarious about Mr. Ghetto’s Wal-Mart is the fact that so many people are shocked and appalled by this video.  Some criticize its sexual nature and glorification of hood shit, while others wonder how such a thing could occur at an institution as prestigious as Wally World.

First of all, how many times have you walked into Wal-Mart and thought you were actually on a music video set, with all of the half-naked hoes women and fake grilled out wanna be d-boys parading around (and that’s just the staff, the customers are off the chain too)?

Then, how hard could it be to film a music video in Wal-Mart?  All You need is a cell phone with a high resolution camera and another with an .mp3 player to play the song, and **POW**, you’re a YouTube sensation.


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